About Us

Isabel Duarte Silva was born in Ribatejo, graduated in Business Management from ISLA Santarém and completed a postgraduate course in Marketing for Executives at UCP in 2003. She worked for a company in the telecommunications sector for several years and 8 years ago she challenged herself and started working in the commercial area. The desire to continue doing more and better, as well as different things is a stimulus to continue growing as a person and professionally!

Alongside her interest in travel, decorating, houses, books, animals, nutrition and cooking, Home Staging is her latest passion! As soon as she entered the real estate market, she realized that she could develop her business and help others do the same with the real estate Marketing tool that is Home Staging.

She made the decision to invest in her training and became certified as a Professional Home Stager by the Portuguese Association of Home Stagers (APHS), the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IASHSP) and the European Association of Home Staging Professionals (EAHSP).

Her vision involves transforming a space with the aim of making it as attractive and harmonious as possible in the eyes of those looking to buy or rent a house.

When staging a space, she pays particular attention to detail, always focused on the objectives of the different clients. Each project is completed with the utmost commitment and represents another step on the road to her professional fulfillment!

Our concept

Showing the full potential of the property, depersonalizing, helping to visualize the space, meeting the expectations of owner and buyer clients, streamlining the buying/selling/renting process, defending the value of the property! 

This is what the team does, working with rigor and dedication to make your property more appealing on the market, whether for sale or rent!

And how do we do it? We visit, analyze the full potential of the property and present a quote proposal taking into account the type of property, the objectives and the available quote .
Light, space, harmony! We do our best to transform the image of your property and make people imagine themselves living there!